Pothole and tarmac repairs

Permanent and cost-effective tarmac and pothole repairs - winter road maintenance services

Tarmac hair crack repairs, pot hole repairs and tarmac resurfacing services in London and nationwide

The Grounds Care Group are nationally recognised as the got-to contractor for winter and year-round roads and tarmac surface maintenance services. We deliver comprehensive and permanent solutions for asphalt cracks, surface depressions and pot holes significant in size for ultimately safer roads. We undertake both commercial and private projects, no matter how big or small.

What causes tarmac erosion and leads to pot holes?

Although a very durable and extreme temperature resilient material, tarmac can deteriorate over the years, and – as a consequence – begin to exhibit marks of typical wear and tear. The main causes of deterioration of tarmac being fatigue from traffic, water and UV light, damages occur more often during frosty winters due to often temperature changes reflected in expands and contractions of the material. Water penetrating the hair cracks and then freezing accelerates the deterioration process even more, eroding big pieces of the tarmacadam surface.

When do I need a tarmac repair?

Reacting fast is key as freezing water in the winter months only causes further damage. Quick fix will eliminate the need to completely re-surface the uppermost tarmac layer and therefore significantly reduce the cost of the entire repair.
Without reactive repairs carried out, initially only hair tarmac cracks will over time begin to turn into severe surface depressions and pot holes. As tarmac pot holes usually make up only a percentage of the total tarmac surface, in most cases pothole patching is a cost-effective solution to the problem, without the necessity of time-consuming and much more expensive re-surfacing.
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Pot hole repairs with TGCG are a cost-effective, timely and permanent solution

Our tarmac repair service begins with a thorough pressure jet washing of the surface which is then left to dry, after all oil and petrol staining has been removed.
(what happens next?)
The freshly laid tarmac layer is then given time to cool down and harden.

The comprehensive road surface repair services from The Grounds Care Group cover:

  • hot and cold tarmac repairs
  • asphalt crack repairs
  • concrete crack repairs
  • permanent small and large-scale pothole repairs
  • highway maintenance

Year by year we deliver reliable tarmac surfacing and pot hole repairs to make roads secure again

We are a nationally renowned contractor, commissioned by property developers, local councils, airports and businesses in various sectors, namely:

  • outdoor and indoor car parks and parking areas
  • pavement and pedestrian routes
  • airports and heliports
  • industrial sites, driveways, company premises
  • access roads and highways

Additionally, we can also provide other road maintenance services such as: kerb repairs, new drainage installation and drainage repairs, road marking and road dressing.

To find out more about our Pothole and tarmac repairs speak to one of our team today on 0800 122 3376 or send us a message.